Reproduced courtesy of Motor Boats and Yachting

Reproduced courtesy of Motor Boats Monthly

Reproduced courtesy of Classic Boat Magazine

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The Fairey StoryClassic Boat Magazine Mid 1980s 
Restoration of a Fairey Classic Classic Boat Magazine Mid 1980s (VG Huntsman 28 report with photos)
The Enforcers Motor Boats & Yachting Sep '86 (Fairey Tracker with H.M. Customs)
Second Look Motor Boats Monthly Oct '87 (Huntsman 31 report with colour photos)
Once Again Motor Boats & YachtingJan '87 (Spearfish Front Cover shot & inside colour photos)
Power and the Glory Motor Cruiser MagazineFeb '88  
On Your Marks Motor Boats Monthly Sep '90 (RSYC predicted log very good article & photos)
Fairey Hard Work Motor Boats MonthlySep '90 (Swordsman project boat file)
Classical Collection Motor Boats Monthly Nov '90 (Rally report with superb photos)
Fairey Revels Motor Boats & YachtingMar '90 (Rally report with superb photos)
Fairey Swordsman Motor Boats & YachtingSep'91 ( Report & VG article with colour photos)
Faireys on parade Motor Boats MonthlyNov '91 (VG Rally report with photos)
Subject to Survey Motor Boats & YachtingNov '91 (Huntsman 31, VG article)
Restored to Power CBM Apr '93 (VG article with colour photos)
Huntsman 28 in a hurry Classic Cruiser Magazine Oct '93 
Under the Influence Motor Boats MonthlyJan '94 Spearfish (VG article front & inside colour shots)
Heart Transplant Motor Boats MonthlyFeb '95 Swordsman(VG article with colour photos)
Fairey Huntsman 28 Motor Boats MonthlyJan'96 (VG article with colour photos)
100% Proof Motor Boats & YachtingJan '96 (Huntsman 31 VG article with hints/tips when buying)
Fairey Land Motor Boats & YachtingFeb'96 (Rally report VG article and colour photos)
Cut & Run Motor Boats & YachtingApr '96 (Fairey fishing boats in Weymouth VG article and photos)
Fantastic Fantome Motor Boats & Yachting Jul '96 (Fantome VG article with cover and inside colour photos)
Dell Quay Ranger Motor Boats Monthly Nov '96 ( VG article with colour photos)
Buying a second hand Huntsman 28 Motor Boats & YachtingOct '97 (VG article and photos)
Test of Time Motor Boats Monthly Jun '97 (Swordsman report -VG article and colour photos)
Fairey Facelift CBM Apr '99 (new deck for a Huntress VG article with colour photos)
Fairey Swordsman Motor Boats & YachtingAug '99 (VG article and colour photos)
Fast & Forty Motor Boats & YachtingDec '00 (Cowes-Torquay 40th birthday celebration VG article & photos)
The Legend Rekindled Motor Boats MonthlyFeb '01 (The New Swordsman 37 VG report & colour photos)
The Fairey Godfathers Motor Boats & YachtingJul '01 (Excellent 8 page article & superb photos of Peter Twiss, Alan Burnard and Charles Currey)
Test of Time Motor Boats MonthlySep '01 (Triana VG article & colour photos)
Fairey Ring Motor Boats Monthly Jun '02 (Around Britain in a Huntress VG article and photos)
Fairey Swordsman PBO Mar & Apr 02 (Practical Boat Owner Magazine report VG article & colour photos)

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