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Although Fairey boats were built in the '50s until the early '80s, it was not
until 1986 that the Fairey Owners Club was founded by Justin and Sue Birt.
Their basic idea, which remains the principal objective of the club, is to
preserve the marque. Membership is not restricted
to owners only - anyone who enjoys what Fairey
Marine stood for, with particular emphasis
In its present form the Club organises
rallies and events throughout the year,
at which there is an easy exchange of information.
It also has extensive archive information, which is
constantly being added to; and the Committee, who
are all existing or past owners of Fairey boats,
are only too happy to try to answer any
queries that visitors to the forum
may have.
Membership is currently more than 300 and is
growing steadily. Although a large percentage
of members are based on the South Coast of
Britain, there are many in other parts of the UK, including
Northern Ireland, and we also have members in Holland, Corfu, Norway
and the Maldives.