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Fairey Marine - Boat, Raceboats, Rival and Revivals

Charles Lawrence has researched Fairey Marine and its boats, associated types and their rivals since 2008. He catalogued the drawings in the office of the late Alan V Burnard, the designer of the Fairey powerboats. Details of his books currently in print may be found here.

Motor Yachting and Boating by Peter Heaton (Pelham Books), 1973

300+ pages covering all boats with 5 pages relating to Fairey Marine and the Spearfish, Huntsman 31 and Super Swordsman

ISBN 0-7207-0626-2

25 Years of Motor Cruisers by Alex McMullen (Adlard Coles), 1991
188 pages covering all makes of boats including Huntress, Huntsman 28 & 31, Swordsman, Spearfish, Dell Quay Ranger, Christina 25, Triana 25, Tantarella, Tropica and Omega.

ISBN 0-7136-3450-6

The Daily Telegraph-BP Round Britain Powerboat Race by Crab Searl (Robert Hale), 1970
Out of print now but available in good 2nd hand book shops - 170 pages with many photos

ISBN 7091-1214-9

L'age d'or des Cabin-Cruisers by Kevin Desmond (E-T-A-I), 2001
135 pages on all makes of boats with superb colour photos. 3 pages on the Huntsman 28- in French

ISBN 2-7268-8545-4

Faster Than The Sun by Peter Twiss, OBE, DSC (Grubb Street), 1963/2000
186 pages of excellent reading with 20 pages dealing with Peter's time at Fairey Marine

ISBN 1-902304-43-8

Faster Than The Sun by Peter Twiss, OBE, DSC (only available from Grub Street Publishing Ph: 0207 924 3966 Web: published 2005

Peter has now published the 3rd edition of his wonderful book to include more photos and details of his wartime exploits - 216 pages are included in this Limited Edition hardback version. Price £20

ISBN 1 904943-37-3

Seamanlike Sense in Powercraft by Uffa Fox (published in 1968 by Henry Regnery Company, Chicago)
This very well written and fascinating 253 page book contains excellent articles, drawings and photographs on many different types of boats, engines and propellers. Included are 3 pages on Huntsman 28 'John Peel'.

Also featured are boats such as Turbinia, Philante V, Vivacity, Trevega, Bluebird along with 52 pages on the Cowes - Torquay races. An absolute must for all powerboat lovers. (I got my copy in the USA for around $45 via the internet) Now out of print but occassionally available through all good secondhand bookshops or via the internet.